Drag the figures with left click, R or right click to Rotate.

Create one contiguous figure using all pieces and connect it to all red powerbricks. Connected powernodes turn green.  

Scoring: Tiles get +1 Point for each edge with a differently colored figure, and -1 point for each edge with figure of same color.

The more points you have the more stars you get. Getting 3 Stars, especially on later Levels is very hard, you can be proud of every Level where you achieve them!

Published Aug 16, 2017
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Abstract, blocks


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Hi ! I like the concept of this game. I thought i was going to play it until the last level, but unfortunately in level 5, even having the winning conditions, the game didn't recognise it. Maybe a bug ?

Hi, first of all thanks for you kind words. The Requirement for a bronze star in this level is 32, which looks like a typo to me as it is just 2 lower than 34 for Silver. As you have only 26 points you get no bronze star. 

So the game itself is not buggy but it definitely looks like I messed up with a way too high required value for bronze. 

Thanks a lot for that find, I'll change that in the next version :-)

That explains it! I though that the bronze was just to get every piece used and connected.

Keep up the good work :)